Bio Tech Camp


Sun. Nov. 19 from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm

This camp is for all those who are interested in Biotechnology and open source. You will get to hear from a wide variety of bio-disciplines and how they are contributing to sciences. Some of the subjects that will be discussed includes: neurotechnology, Aging, Electronic medical records and many more!


Here are the speakers for the Biotech Open camp

Sydney Swaine

Organizer (NeuroTechX)

Joel Murphy

President (OPENBCI, INC)


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Here are the presentations for the Biotech Open camp

The Getting Started Guide to becoming an open source Neurotechnology Guru.

With the hype created around Elon Musk's Neuralink initiative, there has been a surge in interest in getting involved in the field of neurotechnology. However many people are not ever sure how to get started. This talk will provide an overview of how someone with no technical experience can get involved in the field and contribute in an open source fashion.

Sydney Swaine

Organizer (NeuroTechX)

OpenBCI, an open source brain-computer interface

What is Brain Computer Interfacing and how does it work? Joel Murphy, Co-Founder of OpenBCI, Inc will talk about how bioelectric potential measurements are made, and discuss some BCI techniques with examples from projects in the OpenBCI community


The venue for Biotech Camp 2017 is Convene's midtown NYC campus (237 Park Ave & 730 3rd Ave), where it will be hosted along with other Open Camps events. We'll be posting further venue details here as the event approaches, including access and check-in procedures.


Biotech Camp is organized by a volunteer team of open source community members.

Sydney Swaine

Organizer (NeuroTechX)